Precast elements for construction

HM Factory is a producer of precast elements and a contractor of prefabricated structures with a factory located in Sochaczew. We manufacture elements for housing, industrial, office and public utility construction. We offer a complete scope of services from design through production, delivery and assembly on site.

Our strategy is to offer the client a complete scope of works, and our main goal is to accelerate and simplify the construction process by implementing modern technologies and offering the highest quality of our services and products.

Cooperation with the biggest partners, in Poland and abroad, allows us to constantly broaden our horizons and gain new experiences.


  • Annual production capacity: 35 000m3 or 175 000m2 precast elements
  • Production line for walls, balconies and other flat elements – 40 tables
  • 6 tilting tables with maximum dimensions 16m x 4,5 m
  • Production line for columns and beams – 130 m3 daily production capacity
  • Automatic line for reinforcement preparation
  • Line for individual elements production
  • Separate hall for finishing and storage


ul. Inżynierska 32

 96-502 Sochaczew



+48 572 779 598

+48 46 861 29 76